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So how can ConvertMED help you?

Our Ads agency has worked with clients in all industries, helping them revitalize their campaigns and turn them into profit-generating investments.

1. Search marketing

Our team will work with you to determine the best strategy that will lower your CTR and increase conversions. Plus, we're also monitoring your campaigns for new areas of improvement so that you never hit a standstill.

2. Remarketing and retargeting

This allows you to advertise specifically to customers who have already interacted with specific products. These campaigns are especially effective since the people you're advertising to have already shown genuine interest in your brand.

3. Landing page conversion

It's important to remember that once you capture the interest of a lead, they still need to go to your landing page before they convert. If it's slow or unattractive, you may lose a lot of potential customers.

Ecommerce Shopping Ads

We’ll keep bids low for generic terms and prioritize more relevant ones.

Create keyword-rich titles and descriptions and pair them with enticing images designed to draw interest.

Optimal use of negative keywords will ensure that your ads don’t show up for irrelevant search terms that will cost you money.

Execute continuous testing of bids, keywords and ads to drive consistent improvement.

Clients Trust Us To Deliver

This includes small and medium businesses all the way to multi-national corporations


Simply put: I use to throw money at my Google and Facebook ads hoping that eventually I would start seeing improvement in never happened. So much money wasted, time and effort. Thank you ConvertMED for showing me all that I was doing wrong.

Alverine Ponche

CEO @weeblies

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